Ministry School

Senyo Bulla Ministries (SBM) is an interdenominational ministry with a strong apostolic mandate from God and a holy commitment to:


1. Global Evangelism - Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in many communities, cities, nations, and continents through personal and mass evangelism,  conferences, radio and television broadcasts and cyber-evangelism.


2. Global Church Planting - Planting many churches in various cities, nations, and continents as led and directed by the Spirit of God.


3. Global Teaching Ministry and Ministerial Training - Systematically teaching the Word of God and facilitating spiritual maturity through Bible studies, seminars, schools of ministry, Bible schools, mentorship programs, radio broadcasts, internet, radio, and television ministries.


4. Global Equipping and Empowerment - Empowering the saints to identify, mature, and maximize their spiritual gifts and leadership skills as they discover their potential and answer their divine call.


5. Global Missions - Training, equipping, empowering and releasing (commissioning) those who possess the burden and compassion of Christ to minister to the needs and afflictions of humanity. Working with the governments of many nations to heal their societal ills by establishing orphanages, teen pregnancy centers, safe homes for abused and neglected children, and assisted living facilities for the elderly and handicapped. 

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